Sky Sport

All Football Campaign

Our Task: The football season 20/21. In Corona times, football has become a lonely experience in front of the TV. Millions of fans cannot enter the stadium. At the same time, isolation increases the desire to belong to a community. In addition to drawing attention to the starting seasons of the football leagues, the focus is on activating a younger target group in order to increase ratings.

Our Solution: Turn social distancing into social togetherness – live. We developed social AR filters to give young audiences the opportunity to use and share them on Sky’s Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. We also developed a new design and applications for all SKY Football social media assets to create a homogenous look together with the filter assets.


We developed a new branding for all of Sky's on-air ads as well as for their Instagram channel. The branding drew inspiration from the use of white boards when discussing game tactics.

Change Social Distancing into social togetherness
Face filters & games
Promo Filters

In order to have a congruent branding on all channels we designed special promo filters for Sky's hosts and influencers, which they can use in their Instagram stories when talking about the Bundesliga.

filter for each bundesliga team