Red Bull

Neymar Jr's Five

Our Task: Red Bull invited footballers from around the globe to challenge Neymar Jr in a unique experience. It was our task to engage more women and girls, address and activate GenZ and widen the target group with overlapping audiences from music and gaming.

Our Solution: In close cooperation with the Red Bull Global Marketing Team, we developed a comprehensive campaign that activated consumers, tournament participants and spectators over a period of six months. In our strategy and asset development we focused on targeting females. That includes female events and female protagonists in campaign assets.

To activate GenZ we focused on mobile assets and developed specific assets for gaming and music audiences. The production included a lot of interactive assets like Instagram polls and a chat bot. Different films for Red Bull TV, social videos, Instagram stories, Facebook carousels, Snapchat lenses, GIFs and different photo and selfie filters for editorial and as paid assets.

Red Bull Special Edition

We produced a 3D animated clip for the introduction of the special edition can, in which the can shows it's own skills.

Videri Screen

Specifically concepted videos and animations for Videri Screens provided additional attention at the point of sales.


A Call-to-Action clip in which Neymar Jr. invited football players from all over the world to take part in the tournament reached more than 8 million views on Neymar Jr's Instagram channel alone.

A Well Rounded campaign

The campaign was completed by various assets like media banners, Instagram stickers, Gifs assets for Facebook carousels as well as Instagram filters and Snapchat lenses.