Speed 500

Our Task: Develop a concept and produce scroll stoppers specific for a young, athletic and lifestyle-loving target group in time for the product launch of the new shift gear and single speed urban bikes.

Our Solution: Two people, two bikes, from start to finish, one race, no compromises. We interlocked client insights with creation and production of stunning visuals. We created a paid social media campaign with carousels, still images and videos under the hashtag #WeAreCyclists.

Split visuals to target
men & women
the spring campaign

The campaign was split in a spring and an atumn campaign. To fit the campaign better to different target groups, we created spots for a male and a female audience.

the autumn campaign

For the different phases of the campaign, we delivered not only different video assets which were adapted for the different channels, but also various still images to reach the audience on every part of their customer's journey.